Tenant's contents & liability insurance


Using the last 25 years of experience through Homelet, we're able to offer a great contents insurance policy to applicants. This includes:

  • £50,000 of cover for an applicant's own contents (on a new-for-old basis, but we sometimes allow for the applicant to arrange their own replacements).
  • £10,000 of tenancy liability cover, for accidentally damage to the landlords possessions, fixtures and fittings.

What else is covered by our contents insurance?

Here are some additional things that are covered in your policy by default.

  • Transferable between properties, even if you buy your own home.
  • We'll increase cover by 10% whilst your celebrating something special.
  • Additional £1000 cover for your family when they're studying away from home.
  • Plants, trees and shrubs in your garden.
  • Contents of your shed or outbuilding.
  • Damage to interior decorations.
  • Pedal cycles worth up to £500, within the boundaries of your home.

Contents insurance optional extras

You may have something special you'd like extra protection for, so we also offer the following bolt-ons to make our policy right for you:

  • Accidental damage extension — boost the value of your cover, or remove exclusions.
  • Unspecified personal belongings — extra protection for everyday things, like a watch.
  • Specified personal belongings — high value items, like an engagement ring.
  • Pedal cycle extension — get more cover for your bike outside the home.
  • Personal legal protection — cover the legal costs for situations such as personal injury.


We’ll automatically do this for you – we’ll send you a renewal notice a month before to let you know. If you don’t need to make any changes, you don’t need to do anything, or you can call us and let us know any new details.

Policy documents

It’s really important that you read our policy documents to understand exactly what’s covered. You can find out more about Contents Insurance Incorporating Tenancy Liability in the documents below.

Remember, these documents will be branded Homelet — our sister company.


Here is what isn’t covered by our Tenants Insurance Policy. We recommend that before you buy one of our policies you read through the policy wording to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

The following is not a complete list, but to give you an idea of what's not covered. The policy does not cover the following:

  • Any loss or damage (including related cost or expense), caused by any act of terrorism, no matter whether any other cause or event contributes at the same time, or in any other order to the loss or any action to control or prevent terrorism.

  • Loss, damage, injury or legal liability, directly or indirectly caused by, or contributed to by:

  • Pollution or contamination by any substances, forces or emissions (such as radiation), or organisms, or any combination of them, if the pollution or contamination:

  • Consequential or indirect losses (that is any loss, damage or additional expense, which happens as a result of, or is a side effect of, the event for which You are insured)

  • Property more specifically covered by another policy of insurance

  • Any criminal or deliberate act by You or Your Household (other than an Incident covered by Section 6 - Personal Legal Protection)

  • Any reduction in the market value of any property following its repair or reinstatement

  • Any loss, damage, injury or accident that commenced before this policy came into force

  • Loss or damage consisting of wear and tear or gradual deterioration

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