Account charges

There are two billing methods we offer:

  1. Invoice with direct debit — You can set up a direct debit to pay us each month, and we will send you an invoice based on the number of references you've completed in that time period. This is most suitable for larger companies with a high volume of references.
  2. Pay as you go — You top up money on your Movem account, through Stripe, and you can then spend this credit as you like, at your own pace.

Discounts and vouchers

As a general rule, Movem doesn't offer discounts. You'll never see our product for "50% off for a limited time", and we don't participate in Black Friday.

However, we will offer discounts based on committed volumes. For example, if you were to pre-buy 10,000 references, you may get a preferential rate.

For a quote, please contact your account manager, or our sales department.

Hybrid billing explained

When you create an account, you will be assigned a price (PAYG option has a set price), for both an instant reference, and a hybrid reference. For example:

Easy Lets Ltd

Committed volume: 10,000 references p/a

Price of instant reference: £10 — Every time a reference goes through instantly with no humans.

Price of hybrid reference: £20 — A reference that requires input from humans.

Then, at the end of your billing period you will be charged based on your usage. For example:


Billing period: 01/01/2019 - 01/02/2019

Number of instant references: 100 (@ £10 each = £1000)

Number of hybrid references: 100 (@ £20 each = £2000)

Total cost of referencing: £3000

To learn more about hybrid referencing, click here.


Movem will not refund references simply because we didn't provide the decision you were hoping for. Here's are some example situations in which we would, and wouldn't consider a refund:

Things we'd consider a refund for: 😀

  1. If you've invited an applicant to start a reference, but they haven't opened the email yet.
  2. Our report lacks key information or is obviously wrong.
  3. The applicant started the reference, but did not complete it, and Movem had not incurred any direct cost at that point in the process.

Things we don't refund for: 😕

  1. The decision wasn't what you were hoping for.
  2. The applicant completed a reference, but decided to not let the property.
  3. We completed a reference but the applicant's affordability was too low.

Please note, the decision of a refund is at the full discretion of Movem.

Real time report of references used

We know our clients like to see how many references they've completed at any given time, so they can prepare for the invoice.

You can view your account usage at any time in your dashboard.

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