Agency training

Training basics

At Movem we have a few core principles we like to follow when developing software:

  1. Everything should be intuitive enough to use so that people can just log in and start using it without formal training.
  2. Any training or explanations should be available instantly, for free, online without the need to speak to a human.
  3. By investing heavily in automation, and a digital training programme, we're able to keep costs competitive.

However, in the real world, sometimes people need to learn more about our software, processes and operation, from a human. We're not just faceless tech, we're also real people, and you can get in touch with your account manager any time.

You're already off to a good start if you've found this. Here's a breakdown of the best places to go:

[link] = This guide

[brand] = Guide to how our brand looks

[Some more stuff]

Face to face training

If we can't resolve your issue online, or over the phone, we're happy to do in-branch visits too. To book an appointment, please contact your account manager.

Or if you're a prospective client, please contact our sales line on [NUMBER GOES HEREπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’]

Major changes and updates

At Movem, we don't operate like normal referencing companies. Our product changes daily, sometimes multiple times a day. We're so obsessed with making things better that we add new functionality, remove functionality and try new designs all the time.

This is great in the long run. Products get better, software gets easier and new features are released.

However, we understand it can be a bit frustrating to log in and find that the button you're used to clicking is no longer there.

That's why we have categorisations of changes:

Cosmetic πŸ›Ά β€” Small changes that don't affect your experience. Such as changing the font on our report, or adding ancillary features that don't change the core functionality, like "referencing analytics".

Minor ✈️ β€” Changes that you'll notice when performing core operations. This change will not break any features you already use, and any re-education will be simple and handled inside the product. For example: moving the "invite applicant" link to another page.

Major πŸš€ β€” Any change that's sufficient enough to warrant re-training is a 'major change'. Before we release a major change we will provide plenty of warning, and possibly even versioning β€” so you can update at your own pace.

Using older versions of the product

Very occasionally companies will version software, and let their users stick to older versions. For example; internet browsers. You're able to use Internet Explorer 10 even though newer versions are available.

But whilst this approach can seem logical, it's quite damaging:

  • Not every user can benefit from new features without upgrading (which could be time consuming or risky to day-to-day operations).
  • Movem has to constantly maintain older versions of the same product, for possibly only a handful of customers. This makes overall development slower, and all of our clients will have to wait longer for new functionality.
  • For agencies with multiple branches, it's possible you have a mixture of versions and features because some branches haven't upgraded.
  • All of this means our development costs are higher, and we would have to raise our prices.

So instead, alas, there is no general product versioning.

Brochures and flyers

Printed marketing and training works for some companies. For example, if we were just selling an insurance product β€” that's unlikely to change β€” we could print a booklet and send it to all of our clients.

But Movem progresses at a rate that makes printing illogical. By the time we designed, printed and posted booklets, the screenshots of the dashboard might be different. There might be a new page in the application form. Or we may have released a new feature that wasn't in the screenshots.

Occasionally we send brochures and flyers for things that do remain static β€” for example, our insurance policies.

If you'd like us to send you some materials, please contact our sales team on [SALES NUMBER GOES HERE]

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