About Movem

Movem is a tech company based in Brighton, and we sell tenant referencing. Letting agencies, landlords and other PropTech companies can use our service to instantly reference their tenants.

What else can we say about ourselves... urrm... we're all nerds? Yeah, that'll do.

Background and story

Movem was founded in 2013 with a mission to make renting fairer. In 2015, after developing a tenant passport and raising £750,000 from private investors and crowdfunding, Movem began working on an alternative to tenant referencing—a really slow and laborious process. Fast forward to 2018, and Movem has pioneered new technology to change the face of referencing forever, and is acquired by the Barbon Insurance Group to power their other referencing brands: Homelet and Rentshield.

You can learn more about our story here.

Movem vs traditional referencing

In 2018 our CEO and Founder, Peter Ramsey, wrote this article. It's a long, but detailed analysis of why the current traditional referencing model is broken. Here's a summary:

  • It's reliant on humans — who are unreliable, often slow, subject to all sorts of biases, and (as a species) very slow at evolving to be 10x better at their job. (Example, we can't run 10x faster than we could 100 years ago, but we can drive cars 10x faster).
  • There is a huge flaw in that people can just pretend to be their own employer — to great success, and the companies themselves have no idea how often this happens. It's impossible data to collect.
  • Industry dinosaurs believe this is the best way, simply because it was the only way for such a long time.
  • Even if you are speaking to the real landlord, they can just lie.

So we decided to use technology and data to improve on the traditional model. In short:

  • Movem uses banking data (from the applicant) to verify income and previous rental payments, instead of relying on humans in the process.
  • Movem is fully automated and doesn't rely on gimmicks such as "automated emailing", which is basically just automating part of the humans do today, not replacing it with something that has the future potential to be 10x better.
  • By relying on data, we can find multiple jobs, payrises, bonuses, commission, rental payments, deposit returns and analyse these to create something much better. Something much closer to a true affordability.

What is the product actually called?

We kept it simple: it's called Movem.


"Have you seen Movem?"

"I referenced the applicant through Movem"

"I named my child Movem"

Also, it's pronounced MOVE-em.

Are there different tiers of Movem?

From the beginning we knew we wanted to keep our product range light and easy to understand. When you buy Movem, you get Movem. All of it. 🤩

However, we do offer different ways to use Movem. They're not different products, but an optional add-on:

Movem — Our unique instant referencing

Hybrid — Movem, plus when we cannot instantly verify a reference, we use Homelet to verify the applicant in the traditional way.

So the hybrid isn't a 'better version of Movem', it's just adding a backup plan. Which we thoroughly recommend for those who want a seamless experience.

Our blog and product updates

We post all of our blogs and product updates on Medium, here.

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