We are Movem

Hello, nice to meet you. We're Movem. 👋

We know what you're thinking: "this document is way too long to read".

You may have even curiously scrolled down, caught a glimpse of how deep this rabbit hole goes, and panic-scrolled back up to the very top again.

Well, this isn't your typical blog post. It's not an article you'll share on Twitter. It's not something you'll discuss with your friends in the pub. It's also not something you'll sit down and read beginning to end.

This is an exhaustive guide on Movem, our products, services and operation.

Why we've made it

When we first set out to build an alternative to the traditional methods, we knew nothing about referencing. Perhaps it was this relative blindness that gave us the confidence in our vision. Still, we had a lot of questions, and there were very few places to find answers.

To complicate matters, we've pioneered a very new technology: Open Banking. We're replacing traditional processes that have been around for decades, and so—understandably—even those who understand exactly how a reference works, have questions.

"How does Open Banking replace a phone call to the employer?"

"What happens if the applicant is self-employed?"

"Can I make a normal claim on insurance if the reference was instant?"

We thought about going down the obvious route of a 'help centre', but whilst the principle of one is good, the execution is normally just a mess of hundreds of articles you'll never read, buried inside categories and sub-categories.

We wanted something that would flow. Something you could pick up—not knowing anything about referencing—and then 30 minutes later have enough knowledge to move forward.

So, we created this. It's a complete guide to Movem tenant referencing, and will be a constantly evolving work in progress.

So maybe you've been sent this link by your business partner, maybe by us, or maybe you're thinking of using Movem inside your company and have stumbled across us somehow.

How ever you've ended up here, you're here now — we hope this is useful.

How to use it

The architecture of this guide is designed to let you read it two ways:

1- Begining to end, like a book — this will be most useful for people who know almost nothing about referencing, and effectively want a 'referencing for dummies'.

2- Jump straight to any section using the naviagtion on the left.

If you're a client of ours, and you're looking to use some of this content on your site, please contact your account manager to discuss the best way of doing this.

Terminology explained

We've tried really hard to not use unexplained terminology—it's so annoying when people do that and you have to Google "what is a YUYYL?".

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to, and in these cases you will see markers like below. We try to introduce them to each section when they first come up, so if you're reading this like a book, it's more natural.

Oh, and also, the definitions are more of a 'pub explanation', than what you'd expect to find on We think it's easier to understand.


CRA: Credit Reference Agency

This is a company that holds large amount of data on you, and we use them to verify personal information about you. For example, if you did actually live at that property.

If you need more help

This guide is not intended as a replacement for customer support, but instead as a way to educate our users and save time. If you do need some help, get in touch on, or through our live chat in your dashboard.

A few notes from the editors

Writing a long piece of content is hard, and we want to get a few things off our chest before you begin.

  • We will flip between first and third person—sorry, sometimes it just seems unnatural to say 'we'.
  • This is a work in progress, so there will be both grammatical mistakes and probably some content that needs updating. If you see any of this, please let us know on
  • We've tried not to label headings as questions, as it got really messy and weirdly specific to a very niche question. So instead of "Will Open Banking find my rent", you should find it headed as something like "Detecting rent", under the Open Banking section.

Summary of each section

Below is a summary of what to expect in every section:

Introduction — This; what you're reading now.

About Movem — Who we are, our story, and what we do.

Tenant referencing: the basics — What is a tenant reference?

Part 1: Credit Searches — What's a credit search?

Part 2: Income and rent verification — The income/rent bit of the reference.

Part 3: The reference decision — How we make a decision on each applicant.

Our application form — The actual form people use to complete a reference.

The dashboard — About our agency dashboard product.

Open Banking — What is Open Banking?

Transaction analysis — How we detect and analyse transactions.

Sign up and accounts — How to sign up to Movem.

Marketing and emails — How we contact everyone.

Agency training — Learning to use our platform.

Billing — How billing and invoicing works.

Guarantors — How we reference guarantors.

Hybrid referencing — Explaining our hybrid referencing.

Movem API — How our API works.

Insurance and claims — General insurance questions.

Rental Guarantee Insurance — All about our rental guarantee insurance.

Tenant's contents & liability insurance — About our tenant insurances.

Landlord insurance — About our landlord insurances.

Contacting us — How to get in touch with us.

Good luck, and bon voyage. 🏄‍♂️

Last Updated: 2/4/2019, 2:18:05 PM